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HBR - Sept 2011: Why Fusing Company Identities Can Add Value

It is a well documented phenomenon that newly merged companies underperform the market by around 10% in the three years following the merger. There’s an infrequent but important exception, though: Corporations that brand themselves with a “fusion” of the merging companies’ identities typically enjoy higher returns.


Article Mergers

Marketing Science Institute - Feb 2011: Value Implications of Corporate Branding in Mergers

This is the working paper that outlines the findings from our research into the impact that the selection of corporate brand strategy has on post merger returns.


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Type 2 Consulting - SlideShare Presentation - Brand Strategy & Mergers

Presentation: Brand Strategy and Mergers: Is Brand a Significant Variable?

Presentation that summarizes our research on the relationship of post merger corporate brand strategy and stock performance.

Article Mergers

MIT SMR - Jun 2006: Merging Brands & The Brand Merger

Our ambitious project to categorize the ten corporate brand options from which merging companies can select – and the messaging that customers, employees and investors will infer from each.


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Type 2 Consulting - YouTube - Brand Strategy Post-Merger

Video: Brand Strategy & Post-Merger Returns

A short video I recorded to summarize our findings into the relationship between corporate branding and post merger returns.

Article Mergers

Wall Street Journal M&A Blind Spot Article

WSJ - July 2007: M&A Blind Spot

Only about one in five merger transactions actually creates shareholder value. We argue that marketing’s focus on value creation is a vital ingredient to a process that is currently focused too heavily on the things that might cause the deal to fail, rather than the things that will make it succeed.


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