Marketing Conference June 12-14 Naples Fl and Virtual

I am the co-author of two papers that will be released at the conference:

  • “Value: The Three Financial Drivers and Six Marketing Levers” (Published by the B2B Institute at LinkedIn)
  • “2024 ANA Marketing accountability Study: The Two Whys and Six Hows of Marketing” (Published by the ANA)


  • Leaders of B2B companies who are frustrated that their business is not achieving the market traction and financial success it deserves
  • B2B leaders who are ambitious to upgrade from “supplier” to “valued partner” among their target customers
  • Companies with strong operating models but limited market awareness, leading to every sale feeling like it is the first


  • Understand and leverage the sources of value in your current relationships
  • Identify the opportunities for increasing the value perceived by customers and the premium they will pay for that value
  • Quantify the performance and valuation gains that can be unlocked through adding and/or streamlining activities
  • Develop an integrated plan to deliver and capture that value

Why T2

  • We play in the majors – our distinctive approach has been highlighted in more than 20 articles in Harvard Business Review and MIT Sloan Management Review
  • 25+ years of consulting experience across a broad range of B2B industries
  • Specific expertise with B2B companies that sell via intermediaries


  • We will show you how our SAVE (HBR) and Strategy of Change (MITSMR) frameworks are the key to unlocking value in your context
  • We will establish the basis for your sustained success through integrating the strategic, marketing and financial dynamics of your business
  • We will quantify the value that can be unlocked by change – and the value at risk from business as usual

Learn how to focus on customer outcomes through SAVE – the adaptation of the classic 4Ps framework to the B2B context (article published in the January/February 2013 issue of HBR).

Instead of Product focus on Solution
Instead of Place focus on Access
Instead of Price focus on Value
Instead of Promotion focus on Education

”The Strategy of Change” series explores how to develop effective market strategy under conditions of rapid change and when the needs of multiple constituencies must be considered (nine articles to date).

The Strategy of Change Article 8
The Strategy of Change Article 9

What is the Purpose of Your Purpose?

Our lead article in the March/April 2022 issue of HBR sets out the four key agendas that executive leadership teams must consider


How do we increase customer awareness and preference for our products and services?


How do we strengthen the connection that employees feel to their work and to one another?

& Sustainability

How do we reinforce our reputation as a good corporate citizen?

Strategy &
Business Valuation

How do we achieve profitable growth and reduce business risk?