Type 2 Consulting uses a multi-disciplinary, research-based approach to generate insights on three key business topics:

  • Increasing the market effectiveness of B2B companies
  • Improving the success rate of mergers
  • Defining the right measures of strategic success

The caliber and impact of our thought leadership is reflected in an impressive track of publications in the top management journals (including Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, and the Wall Street Journal).

Measurement Video

Type 2 Consulting - YouTube - Intangible Value

Video: The Importance of Intangible Value to Your Business

Article Measurement

T2C HBR Article: Accidental Brand

Harvard Business Review: Do You Have an Accidental Brand?

For every Intel that intentionally crafts its trajectory as a brand rather than as a mere product, there are dozens of brands such as LYCRA, KONI, and Dell that have developed a deep resonance with customers more by accident than strategic intent.


Article Measurement

Type 2 Consulting - Published Article - How to Define Your Brand & Determine Its Value

American Marketing Association: How to Define Your Brand & Determine its Value

How do you define a brand? The word is frequently used, but with a number of different meanings. As brand “guardians,” marketers need to be aware that there are at least three different definitions and must understand the circumstances where each definition is relevant.


Article Measurement

Type 2 Consulting - Published Article - Reconcilable Differences

Harvard Business Review: Reconcilable Differences

Marketing and Finance have a famously fractious relationship, with each accusing the other of failing to understand how to create value. That tension may seem to be dysfunctional, but when channeled right, it can actually be productive.


Article Measurement

Type 2 Consulting - Published Article - Value-Base Brand Measurement & Management

Journal of Interactive Marketing: Value-Based Brand Measurement & Management

There is widespread recognition of the important role that brands play in generating and sustaining the financial performance of companies. With excess capacity in virtually every industry, strong brands are vital for getting prospective customers to notice a company’s products or services.


Slideshare Strategy

Type 2 Consulting - SlideShare Presentation - Marketing Finance: Vulcans & Earthlings

Presentation: Marketing Finance: Vulcans & Earthlings

Article Mergers

Wall Street Journal M&A Blind Spot Article

Wall Street Journal: M&A Blind Spot

Pulling off a successful merger or acquisition is a daunting management challenge. Only about one in five deals actually succeeds in creating shareholder value. But there’s a step companies could take to improve their odds: pay more attention to marketing during the negotiations.

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