Type 2 Consulting uses a multi-disciplinary, research-based approach to generate insights on three key business topics:

  • Increasing the market effectiveness of B2B companies
  • Improving the success rate of mergers
  • Defining the right measures of strategic success

The caliber and impact of our thought leadership is reflected in an impressive track of publications in the top management journals (including Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, and the Wall Street Journal).

Article Measurement

Type 2 Consulting - Published Article - Orientation & Marketing Metrics

Sage Handbook of Marketing: Orientation & Marketing Metrics

Most business disciplines vie for more attention from senior management. Their claims are based on competing views about the management orientation most likely to deliver business success (for example, a financial orientation versus a production orientation).


Strategy Video

Social Media & the CEO's Agenda

Video: Social Media & The CEO’s Agenda

Commentary Mergers

Commentary: Mergers Are Relationships, Not Transactions

I believe that the shockingly low success rate of M&A reflects the fact that they are approached from a transaction mindset, not a relationship mindset.

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Measurement Video

Type 2 Consulting - YouTube - Marketing Finance: Perspective of Five Senior Marketers

Video: Marketing Finance: The Perspective of Five Senior Marketers

Article Mergers

Type 2 Consulting - Merging the Brands & Branding the Merger

MIT Sloan: Merging Brands & The Brand Merger

Marketing and Finance have a famously fractious relationship, with each accusing the other of failing to understand how to create value. That tension may seem to be dysfunctional, but when channeled right, it can actually be productive.


Article Strategy

Type 2 Consulting - Published Articles - Vulcans Earthlings and Marketing ROI

Wilfrid Laurier University Press: Vulcans, Earthlings, & Marketing ROI

As you read this, a couple of twenty-somethings in a basement somewhere areinventing the next YouTube or Facebook—giving companies yet more ways to reach their audiences. With all this change, however, one thing is constant. Our clients still need to make sensible investments, and get a good return.


Mergers Video

Type 2 Consulting - YouTube - Brand Strategy Post-Merger

Video: Brand Strategy & Post-Merger Returns

Measurement Video

Type 2 Consulting - YouTube - What Marketers Need to Know About Finance

Video: What Marketers Need to Know About Finance

Measurement Tweet

Type 2 Consulting - Twitter Post - Is This Who We Are?

Twitter: Is This Who We Are?

Measurement Slideshare

Type 2 Consulting - SlideShare Presentation - Brand Valuation: The Marketer's Perspective

Presentation: Brand Valuation: The Marketer’s Perspective

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