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LinkedIn: How Much of Enterprise Value is Brand?

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Video: Marketing Finance with Jonathan Knowles

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American Marketing Association: Varying Perspectives on Brand Equity

The concept of brand equity first emerged in the marketing literature of the late 1980s. The use of a financial term for what was actually a customer-based construct was a highly effective technique for communicating the idea that brands are longlived business assets that can have significant financial value.


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Commentary: Brand As Value Multipliers

I often ask my clients whether having a strong brand or a strong operating model is more important in terms of the value of their business.

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Type 2 Consulting - Published Article - Orientation & Marketing Metrics

Sage Handbook of Marketing: Orientation & Marketing Metrics

Most business disciplines vie for more attention from senior management. Their claims are based on competing views about the management orientation most likely to deliver business success (for example, a financial orientation versus a production orientation).


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Type 2 Consulting - YouTube - Marketing Finance: Perspective of Five Senior Marketers

Video: Marketing Finance: The Perspective of Five Senior Marketers

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Type 2 Consulting - YouTube - What Marketers Need to Know About Finance

Video: What Marketers Need to Know About Finance

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Type 2 Consulting - Twitter Post - Is This Who We Are?

Twitter: Is This Who We Are?

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Type 2 Consulting - SlideShare Presentation - Brand Valuation: The Marketer's Perspective

Presentation: Brand Valuation: The Marketer’s Perspective

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Type 2 Consulting - YouTube - Intangible Value

Video: The Importance of Intangible Value to Your Business

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